Death Valley Fossil Images In The Public Domain

Trilobites Figured From United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 1047, Physical Stratigraphy and Trilobite Biostratigraphy of the Carrara Formation (Lower and Middle Cambrian) in the Southern Great Basin, by Allison R. Palmer and Robert B. Halley

Trilobites from the Lower-Middle Cambrian Carrara Formation, Death Valley National Park. All specimens are from Plate 4, and greatly magnified. Lower Cambrian Olenellus zone. Figures 11, 14 Olenellus puertoblancoensis, latex casts of cephalon, Grapevine Mountains. Figure 15 cephalon of Olenellus sp., Grapevine Mountains. Figure 16 Olenellus howelli? cephalon, Grapevine Mountains. Figure 17 cephalon of Olenellus nevadensis, Grapevine Mountains. Figure 10, 13 latex casts of cephala of Olenellus nevadensis, Grapevine Mountains.

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