Clams From Upper Cretaceuos Moreno Formation, California

Six bivalve pelecypod mollusks of the family Glycymeridae (genera Glycymeris and Glycimerita) that I personally collected and photographed (Nikon CoolPix 995)--all from the upper Cretaceous portions of the Moreno Formation, in strata situated near the western edge of California's Great Central Valley. All but the first two specimens remain resting on their roughly 70 million year-old pebbley sandstone matrixes. Sizes--top to bottom: 50mm wide (1.97 inches); 35mm wide (1.38 inches); 45mm wide (1.77 inches); 50mm long (1.97 inches); 40mm long (1.57 inches); and 40mm long (1.57 inches).

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